@gayastronaut well I got a very concerning diagnosis in July but I got a referral to a surgery for weight loss to fight it which I considered asking for for years so that's good. not a fan of the absurd amount of hoops I have to jump through for insurance to cover it tho. I'm watching a campy horror movie on netflix and reading comics. how about you?

@georgespolitzer oh no I'm so sorry to hear that, that's awful. I really hope the surgery goes well and that the insurance stops being shitty. Jumping through insurance hoops is the actual worst

@gayastronaut yeah I was up ten pounds more than my usual window on the consultation but then they said if I gain weight at all by the end i won't be cleared so maybe that was a blessing ? anyway after 2 weeks of trying to eat less and cut back on snacks I can safely say my appetite has backed down, at least. but yeah the insurance company demanded I go back to therapy for the surgery which will be fun. I don't leave the house or have an offline life so idk what I'll discuss lol

@gayastronaut I was thinking about you the other day! How are you?

@lilletale aw that's so nice! I'm okay, had some rough times but it's gotten a lot better

@gayastronaut MOLLY!!!!! It's so good to see you again, I missed you too!!

@gayastronaut I'm doing okay! I've been up to a lot since you've been gone. I've been very busy with music, I moved in with my partner a couple weeks ago (there's a cat here!), got a skateboarding-related concussion a little over a week ago that I am nearly recovered from, and finally submitted my resignation letter to my horrible job today. How about yourself?

@Aleums oh my god Sam that is so much stuff! I am very glad about the good stuff but I'm so sorry your job was so awful and also that the concussion happened. Cats and partners sounds very very good! What is the cat's name?

@gayastronaut the cat's name is angus, he is a very precious baby and we love him very much!!

@gayastronaut also I'm gonna give you a link to the album I put on spotify a couple months ago if you're interested... I would be really interested in hearing your thoughts open.spotify.com/album/1vSVfln

@Aleums 馃憖 I will listen to this tomorrow when my bedtime is not so close, this is very exciting

@gayastronaut Molly! 馃挍馃挍 so happy to see you back here :) how are you doing?

@WoozleWuzzle I'm mostly okay! It's been difficult ngl but I'm doing much better than when I left. How are you?

@gayastronaut hope things keep improving for you and I'm so happy you came back here :) I'm doing ok thanks. also, I watched and really enjoyed a couple of your film recommendations while you were away. Birds of Prey is so much fun!! And I really really liked Night is Short, Walk on Girl too

@gayastronaut hello hello! I have missed you too, how are you doing?!?

@grant I'm doing alright! Definitely better than back in... When did I leave? May? Whatever it was.
How are you?

@gayastronaut I'm glad to hear that! It's been a stressful few weeks with the fires but we've been making do.

@grant oh no I'm sorry. I saw some pictures, I'm so sorry you have to deal with that

@gayastronaut Seattle has just been getting the smoke but basically my entire family has had to evacuate their homes in Oregon within the last week, so it has been A Time鈩 in the family group chats

@gayastronaut it was scary there for a bit, but my family is safe and they were fortunate enough not to lose anything. it's been heartbreaking seeing the footage, though鈥攕o many homes are just *gone*.

@grant oh no :( I'm so glad your family is okay though, that's really really good

@balrogboogie hey hey! I'm so glad to see you! Didn't you leave for a while as well?

@balrogboogie I'm so glad to see it! It's good to have you back friend

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