Watching the made for TV remake of double indemnity aka the funniest movie i have ever seen in my life i recommend it to everyone

@evan not too much! very busy with music stuff, having a blast.
How's offline?

@Aleums offline is pretty good but i thought i'd try to some this weekend since it seems like i'll be spending a good deal of time rained in by myself

@zorotl it is a hilarious double feature, they're running through all the big moments from the original at a very fast pace which makes me hopeful they try to put some crazy incredibly misguided spin on the ending

@zorotl and lets watch the remake right after because i already have it downloaded to send someone else and its only an hour long and it's so funny

@evan @zorotl hey Evan, when em is less swamped with schoolwork z her and I are gonna watch the musical Sunday in the park with George, you're welcome to join us

@evan @zorotl expect a dm on dicsord as soon as em either finishes her term or the schoolwork 👍

@gd525 oh yeah... there's also a movie that another studio made the year after that's just a blatant ripoff of it called "apology for murder" and i'll probably be watchin that one next

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