this is a thread of predictions I have for HBO’s Watchmen. I want to go on record just in case I’m right


- Lady Rorschach
- Evil Orange Manhattan
- the plot, and by extension all the bad things about the world after Ozymandias’s plan succeeded, only started after Obama left office
- Doctor Manhattan will return to the world in Russia and he will be horrified at what he sees and start crying for the first time ever

Lady Rorschach will be introduced with her mask on, kicking ass like one of the guys. Then nite owl or whoever asks “who are you” and she takes off the mask and it’s a hot chick this is 100% going to happen

@evan Don't forget the inevitable Clone Rorschach.

@evan I hate this. I was super down for Nixon being president during the whole thing. Of course he'd have Dr. Manhattan kill thousands of soldiers

@savedr they should have just gone the Futurama route and had Nixon’s head be the president for the new show

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