When I'm watching ghost in the shell as my pallete cleanser the day after a bad movie it was just bad. When i pick Pulp Fiction that means it was FUCKING DIRE

watching one of the worst movies i've ever seen in my life

It plays basically like someone put an entire season of Lost on fast forward in space with the Aliens we all know and love, but in a way Scott is able to bend that tone to his advantage similarly to how he makes something transcendent out of Cormac McCarthy's nihilism in The Counselor which actually shares a lot of its themes and structure with Prometheus i feel.

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i was really wrong about Prometheus. i now recognize that the movie is fuckin good

it's rather poetic that this person is a disney gay in california. literally has no idea of the value of what they possess (i will offer to pay if it comes to that though! lol)

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I would do this right now BUT i want to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that this person is the only workable source for that file, and i do not want to interrupt them at work or school or whatever.

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A little bit of internet stalking reveals the reddit, twitter, and youtube accounts of an individual in possession of the carrie laserdisc and the means to scan it. Now, a well-placed DM around 1 PM on Saturday, California time should do the trick. setting reminders in my phone.

@evan from the way it switches ratios i’m guessing there isn’t a cut in that aspect ratio that includes the effects. also lol at the boom mic.

movies i found
-avengers infinity war


I also need to find the open matte Jurassic Park, although i dont consider that to be a legitimate cut of the movie as the aspect ratio literally changes as you can see here. its very clearly a workprint youtube.com/watch?v=9PE3KUOAxK

i mean you guys all know i live for alternate aspect ratios and i've got eyes wide shut, full metal jacket, and now stop making sense in my collection so naturally i will not rest until i find this one

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if you've seen femme fatale you know de palma can compose for 1.85. if you've seen carrie you know that it absolutely was NOT done that way. so why would he tell criterion to release this?

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What i would really like to find is the open matte version of Carrie. this is intriguing me

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i accidentally found a 4:3 version of stop making sense that is done in the imax way where the frame is expanded instead of letterboxed (ie the way snyder's batman v superman remaster handles it)

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