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someone tell me a good movie. I promise to watch everything in the replies eventually so feel free to lie about the quality of said movie

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real quick

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nerd chills at the marvel logo every time. can't help it

it took me until a second watch of The Seventh Seal to realize how fucking great it is. obviously a classic for a reason

the look of these is so fucking cool and it just gets crazier every time, with the exception of "the first purge" that kind of takes it back to basics. i really can't wait to revisit Election Year because that one has all the best masks in the series

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Almost forgot about the purge movies those are good

@evan thank you for spilling the beans of truth on this one

LPTop100 was never compiled and i think the membership of the site has changed a lot since that started. what if we did something else

@evan it was so much fun to do this earlier in the year. Highly recommended

@evan i’m curious what you thought of the irishman - i really liked it! i don’t think it’s his best by any means but it was a great set of performances. joe pesci is looking haggard these days.

movie title i just saw on a streaming service 

The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta

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