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someone tell me a good movie. I promise to watch everything in the replies eventually so feel free to lie about the quality of said movie

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One of these days I’m going to watch the Mary poppins sequel and I’m going to get very mad about it. I can feel it

They rehired James Gunn by the way. pretty cool but still fuck Disney

here's a fun experiment: pick your favorite marvel movie. watch it. then immediately afterwards, watch Tron: Legacy

M Night is making a tv show? ok that’s epic

I’m going to watch every marvel movie in order before the new avengers, as is my tradition

honestly I want to see an alien sequel in the tradition of Alien 1-4, where they just get one white guy to Really Go For It for one movie

@garfiald @evan this reminds me of someone somewhere dissing fredric jameson by saying "only a man so ugly would dare to write a book on aesthetics."

@evan "A critic who doesn't acknowledge the role of [Ingrid Bergman's] face and presence in a "Casablanca" will, I fear, date just about anybody" he writes, looking like roger ebert

Alien: Resurrection on the other hand presages the trend where a studio will take an "artsy" director and let them do a sequel to a blockbuster for some reason. also it's a notable case where something that used to be a practical effect (the aliens) was changed to all CGI and also it's got dumbass joss whedon dialogue

Tron: Legacy sees disney *almost* cracking the Marvel movie formula that would later take over cinema, but it's fascinatingly imperfect. Take the light cycle scene: when you watch it, it feels like there should be quips or dialogue or something to fill those blanks based on marvel movies you've seen but it just isn't there

there are two movies that contain perfect predictions of the future of American cinema (from the point when they were released) and those are Tron: Legacy and Alien: Resurrection

people in south florida went buck fuckin wild for The Incredibles (the first one) I remember my blockbuster had an entire wall of just Incredibles dvds and they were all gone in like 3 days

ROGER EBERT VOICE: Uprising "rises up", so to speak, above the original Pacific Rim due to one key aspect: the addition of a tough-as-nails preteen hacker/gamer girl. This crucial element elevates the film, and director Steven S. DeKnight breathes new life into this not-yet-tired trope

I'm going to get serious for a moment here and present my theory that this piece by Ebert bolstered what we might now refer to as "reply guys" because one of their number was being given a platform by one of the biggest film critics. I think saying "I cringed" is tired but I did physically recoil several times while reading this

Evans posts are so good that they hurt my soul, which means I probably shouldn't boost them

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