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someone tell me a good movie. I promise to watch everything in the replies eventually so feel free to lie about the quality of said movie

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I’ve been working on a way for us to really award Laserdisc Oscars and I think I came up with m a system that would work- would anyone be interested in doing Laserdisc Emmys so we can test this thing out?

Spider man 2 is so good... I just watched the first 20 minutes or so and it’s incredible how it sets up Peter Parker as a normal guy

Laserdisc Party is the largest node on mastodon. we’re considerably bigger than a blu-ray or a dvd and we’ve still got six inches or so on a vhs

Midsommar Spoilers 

I talk like a youtuber because that’s funny to me 

Midsommar was really good! not even close to Hereditary but I still liked it

Every couple weeks I’m going to bring up the fact that @evan said he was going to watch Mortdecai, but keeps putting it off.

@evan - I couldn’t care less how much people hate this scene, I love it!

I just watched spider man 1 2 and 3 and yeah, Raimi is untouchable

Gemini Man will be the most galaxy brained movie of all time

I want to see ad astra. “Sad Father Goes To Space” is my favorite genre of movie

I feel like my expectations for MidSommar are way too high but also Chidi is in it so we’ll see! a vacuum. It’s hard not to think about how Sid becomes Andy’s garbage man in the third one. Like, what the fuck was that

Watched the original toy story today and holy shit does it hold up...

*to the diddy kong racing theme song*
i broke

my dick

i broke both my dick and balls

i broke both my dick and balls
please send some help

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