Dwayne Johnson.

Could be a good movie for kids. Amputating a foot to "The Rock" during the whole movie was a bad choice IMHO. It was a pain to see the hero with an artificial leg.

@dotmg really? I kind of thought making him an amputee really separated that movie from a standard die hard clone (which, tbh, it still basically is). He used the prop well and it felt like he was doing more than "overcoming a disability" with it which was a neat perspective.

@Thomas That was the point for sure. But for me, maybe the "too much point" was reached. My mind said : No, not Dwayne !!!

Maybe because he is a wrestler and in a wrestling match, the "fan" takes pleasure mostly when the "good guy" belts the others.

@dotmg I loved the one scene outside the bad guy’s office or whatever that’s basically a wrestling match but with one leg!

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