I am mother.

My note 4/10

I would probably have rated it 7 or 8 of 10 if it was a short movie of 25 minutes. But 2 hours was too long for it. Watching it while on lockdown is a very very bad idea.

But if you ever wondered what would be Baywatch's Pamela Anderson running on the beach if she was a robot and the beach was a fortress' lab, then you'll like this movie ... or not.


I've only watched season 1 because that's what's available in my country at the moment. I've seen this before Santa Clarita Diet, and maybe this is the reason why this latter popped up.

Australian serie seeing 6 dead people coming back to life near their grave. Not humoristic, it's difficult for me to accept the story seriously, but I liked the characters, and I managed to finish the 6 episodes with lots of "let's assume..."

Improbable fiction with some unresolved plots so far..

The Kissing Booth.

- Did I really enjoyed it ? No
- Did I find something extraordinary, original? No
- Did I regret spending time watching it? No
- Do I want to watch The Kissing Booth 2? Probably Not.

So, what's wrong? Maybe the story smells something déjà-vu, stereotype. I happen to like these kind of teen romance though.

I love morbid humor.

I took delight in watching Santa Clarita Diet. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Cl

After having finished season 1, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that the season ended in cliffhanger. I find it unfair for a serie to not properly conclude one season. (Pushing fans to watch next season is unfair, IMHO)

Then I looked at reviews to find that the serie was canceled after season 3, who itself ended in cliffhanger.

Presenting myself.

I am not a cinephile, I just like watching movies. 40, I live in Madagascar. Main account is dot at mastodon.mg, laserdisc.party one is dedicated to say what I think about films/series I am watch. Hope to find one day a profile who used to like the same pattern of movies I enjoy, so that I'll try the titles this profile would recommend.

My taste about movies and shows is somewhat different and weird sometimes, though.


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