Behind her eyes. Serie. 2021

Starring Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman.

You have to watch the 6 episodes of this (mini)serie to love it, because the final episode is what makes it a great story. I really like how it ended. Although I think a 90minutes movie-format would be (maybe) better, I was not annoyed throughout the 6 episodes, not at all.

Anyone has ever watched a telefilm named Fuzzbucket?

... just remembering some childhood ...

White Lines.

Serie. 2020. British-Spanish thriller. Starring Laura Haddock.

I thought it was just a weedporn. Maybe I wasn't wrong.

My note : 3/10. I've watched all episodes though.

The dig.

2021. Based on true story. Starring Ralph Fiennes.

My note : 2/10

Maybe I wasn't in good mood and I just watched for curiosity.

I saw it as an ordinary movie
about an ordinary story
that kind of archaeology
was not my cup of tea
and all it had left to me
were lines of childish poetry.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective.

Serie SF. 2016,2017. Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood.

Just finished the 2 seasons. I finished them really quick.

My Note: 8,5 of 10

Every SF makes its own rules, and some may invent or propose strange rules (that can't be explained) to explain the story. This story started with a situation that you can't explain with clues here and there, and at the end, the puzzle is assembled and the whole shit makes sense. Ah, and there are British humor and accent!

The discovery.

2017. Jason Segel

Note : 7/10
A scientist discovers and proves there is life after death. Death is no longer a fatality, but a sort of gateway to another life. The movie is not really about exploring the theories about what the discovery means to humanity, it just says the history of a guy, a bit like what is Jack & Rose about Titanic. Nonetheless, it gave me good philosophical thoughts about life and death, and made me want to see what's next (in the movie) until the end.

The Midnight Sky.

SF? George Clooney. 2021

Adaptation of a novel, "Good Morning, Midnight". That explains why I didn't enjoy this movie at all. I'm generally uncomfortable with adaptation from novel. Many times I feel the problem is in the adaptation itself. Between what you feel when reading an book and what you see/listen to with a movie, there's a big difference. And between what the author felt while writing and what moviemakers make you understand, the soul of the novel is altered. 3/10


Serie SF, 2017. Starring Santiago Cabrera.

An asteroid is about to hit the Earth in 6 months, and a billionnaire scientist, Darius Tanz (who I can't dissociate with Elon Musk while watching), deploys everything to find a solution.

First season was interesting in my taste. It ended in cliffhanger.
I felt second and last season as a mess, the story drifted everywhere. For me, no regret that it was cancelled.

The Dictator.

2012, starring Sacha Baron Cohen. Comedy.

Well, a good time watching it. And gave me personally some nice nostalgic feelings.


2018, australian movie. Starring Logan Marshall-Green.

Science fiction. Good and credible story. I will definitely watch if there is a sequel, which I hope. It ended well and cleanly though.

Rebecca (2020).

Lily James, Armie Hammer.

I didn't see the Hitchcock version but this one I liked. How the story turns reminds me of some Tarentino 's "From Dusk Till Dawn".
Talking more about the plot would spoil the story, so I'll just say that I enjoyed.


Dwayne Johnson.

It took me 15 years to watch it. I would have liked the story. But I hate the light. Too much scenes are in the dark, I feel absolutely no pleasure in watching almost blank screen. It's like japanese porn with pixelized images with loud music as background.
If I knew, I'd skipped the first 50 minutes.
If I knew, I'd have not watched it.


Serie, Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies.

Finished season 1. I enjoyed. The story happens after a successful alien invasion and occupation but wouldn't show how these aliens look like, that was brilliant.
The hero must do a good job at fighting the resistance while saving his family especially his wife who is involved. The two protect each other while seemingly battling in the opposite side.

Given the serie aired in 2016, Wikipedia article spoils.


Dwayne Johnson.

Could be a good movie for kids. Amputating a foot to "The Rock" during the whole movie was a bad choice IMHO. It was a pain to see the hero with an artificial leg.


Marisa Drummond. (And absolutely not the Keither Sutherland one ;) )

This one apparently had difficulty in transforming a true story into a captivating movie. It became so classic and fade, in my taste.

I'm in love with a church girl.

Ja Rule.

Following my wish to take distance from SF, I've watched 3 "religious" movies. Ja Rule as a bad guy, in love with a really godly girl. This one had a side effect of making me judge other's way to believe. I'm uncomfortable with that (feeling of guilt for judging). Appreciated the scene where he spoke angrily to God, though. I think true relationship comes with strong words, sometimes.

Final note: a so so.


Dan Stevens.

Horror, Fantastic, Violent, Gore. To the extreme.

I enjoyed.

Hubie Halloween.

Adam Sandler.

Well, Adam Sandler, as he always used to be. So much details I didn't follow about the scenario. The movie claimed to be a comedy horror, but, it didn't make me laugh or afraid. Nonetheless, I saw in it some message about why certain persons choose to be cruel, and how it ended managed to surprise me, so I liked it for that.

I'm thinking of ending things.

(Jesse Plemmons, Jessie Buckley).

"Du Charlie Kaufman". Either you understand or not. I didn't. Maybe because I don't speak english but I watched it in english audio with english subtitle. While writing this, I was searching for its english title, and saw ratings and explanations of other persons (who understood and spoiled).

Watched it till the end though, and while watching my feeling was that I'm thinking of ending watching.

Not interested in re-watching.

The perfect guy.

(Sanaa Lathan)

Although every behavior of "the perfect guy" was predictable, the offensive and the aggressiveness of the victim were warming. Apart from that, everything else is déjà-vu.

Far from the great movies you'll want to re-watch, I recommend to watch if you have nothing else in your watchlist :)

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