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no one's gonna get banned from l.p for faceplanting on the morning trivia games, this isn't film school

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@derek at the risk of doxxing one of your users: this is definitely one of your users

oooooh Party People, you KNOW it's a beautiful day for a today, oh yeahhhhh

I just want to go to the New Bev once, just one time

fuck I shoulda did my top 5 like Thomas

Top 5 New-to-Me Movies [July] 

The Color of Money
Inside Man
25th hour
The Bob's Burgers Movie
The Emperor's New Groove

exercise, good vibes 

Yesterday I went for a jog around a track at a local park. It was beautiful out. After my run, I sat on a park bench and watched a few innings of a rec-league softball game in progress. People were in high spirits. I felt like all was well.

Good morning Party People, welcome to the middle of the week

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In your opinion, what's the best horror movie of the past 5 years or so?

you ever think of that yacht rock/city pop song that that ex-Polygon dude cut with Louie Zong and how it has no reason to own as much as it does

why do I have all these tabs for can openers open

if the Criterion people came up to me and told me "you get to add one movie to the collection, no questions asked," it would be Hellzapoppin'

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no this week but I've got a good one for next week, a real barnburner

Good morning Party People, I already got caught in the rain I lost at Wordle, so auspicious omens all around for today

Road House is what would have happened if prime Howard Hawks made movies in and for the cocaine 80s, total gentlemen's 9

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