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oh fuck I set this for 24 hours

I'll keep my eye on it for 5 minutes

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fedi will implode when the Anastasia (1997) discourse spirals out of control

here's my Don Bluth thing: I really liked Titan A.E. as a kid and that tells you everything you need to know about me as a tween

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#VerseThursday translation
Reminiscence by Hsiung Hung, translated from the Chinese

For you there’s a sea, brimming
With longing — calm, pristine
Cradled in your arm a city sleeps
Where my dreams are slow and serene

A feeble lamp, under a half-moon window
I see your name — laces of gold and silver
For five decades binding me in their coils

A sea of longing —
In the tranquil, walled city
Sweetest voices descend and their petals scatter
Over the dream-fabrics on my skin

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by LE charmingpplincardigans.tumblr.

This year the oranges will grow fatter
greedily soaking up the sun
that would have lit across your face.

Life has to go somewhere,
and since it cannot fall to emptiness,
it will have to settle
for taking up your space.

we need to make Alex's cursed objects thread a like yesterday

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Good morning Party People, today is my Friday, can I get a hell yeah

I should note that I was one of the sickos who paid money to see mother! (2017) in theatres and would gladly have done so a second and third time

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feels weird to say this about an Oscar winner but Hollywood kind of did her dirty

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honestly I didn't expect O Brother to be piledriving ITMFL like this

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