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More heists in scifi and fantasy media please

Good morning Party People, we've arrived at another Fuck Yeah Friday

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🎶 put me in Coach! 👏👏
I'm ready to fly 👏👏
in Coach 👏👏 🎶

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anybody got recommendations for compression gloves for typing? specifically my wrists and thumbs are killing me and it's hard to tell quackery from useful objects

how does one even get a quote for a tattoo

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unkind earth 

All I want is breath.
Unkind Earth, I am a dry forest next to you
a patch on your skin left unchecked
but just barely touching. I almost dont exist, earth.
But I'm not without you, and you can't be without I
and that barest touch is enough for me.
But your caress is an earthquake, and you don't
even know any better. I crack and fall and
sometimes I die a little
but I am a dry forest, unkind Earth.
I always grow if left unchecked.

Sometimes Earth I don't think you're worth saving. I want for
nothing, and get less.
When I get close
your voice turns to fire
and I burn, my god, I burn to ash and even less
But I am a dry forest, Lifeless Earth, and
I will always grow if left unchecked.

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the last minute or so of "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide" is simply the best shit

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is there an American rock band more widely-beloved and with as high an approval rating as ZZ Top?

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Grabbing random people on the street and demanding that they read Derek's poem

This either is or is close to the longest poem I have ever written. Someone yesterday said it was about "secret creativity." It's called "The Reappearance of Leslie Fink."

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