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good odds that that place still has a fully-functional in-wall laserdisc player

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we need to pass the hat around to make up some of that six mill, though

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Seijun Suzuki would be a charter member of the Short/Good/Secret Hall of Fame

you could make the argument that those are five 5-star movies

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1975 is a Top 3 year in movie history, and certainly has the greatest ever field of Best Picture nominees

Good morning Party People, we are back at the virtual copy desk to talk about movies and do as little work as possible

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I want to see Barry Lyndon but directed like Wolf of Wall Street

Fuck movies longer than 80 minutes, all my homies hate movies longer than 80 minutes

Good evening Party People, I watched three movies today and they were all under 80 minutes

Currently watching the fediverse's favourite movie :furiosa: :nux:

Good afternoon Party People, it sure as shit is Friday

I need the Leos Carax Sparks musical and I need it now

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