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is puppetry animation?

Good morning Party People, it's a beautiful Monday in my living room

sometimes I think about those pictures of Jonny Greenwood and Nick Cave running into each other in NYC and I just smile

Good morning Party People, happy Saturday

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This is amazing. A bunch of Luchadores got together and began enforcing a mask mandate in the largest market in Mexico


I'm trying to figure out if headbands are a fit; is there a downside to looking like a Kris Kristofferson cosplayer?

unless someone does some Scorsese magic with it, "Baker Street" is always going to be the song from the WAR montage in the Lonnie Smith episode of Pretty Good

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At long last I am proud to announce the release of my second album, Dream Longer, on April 20th!
On my bandcamp page ( you can stream the first track, Meeting Places, and pre-order the album to get it the minute it releases. The album will be up on all relevant streaming services by April 27th.
Special thanks to @jaye for the gorgeous album art. Stay tuned for more singles in the coming weeks.
I am incredibly excited to finally share this music with you all!!

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Poole is a gentle, witty songwriter, and given his taste in production and subject matter, The Freelancer's Blues mutates cosmic country into something closer to vaporwave country: almost every song is about the alienating, isolating force of work, technology, and urban living. If you like lead track "Vaping on the Job," you'll love the whole thing.

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Unsolicited music recommendation of the day: The Freelancer's Blues by Dougie Poole. Elevator pitch: an earnest, introspective outlaw country album produced by PC Music.

Good morning Party People, it is a VERY SPECIAL live-from-home stat holiday Fuck Yeah Friday

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My promise to you on this first day of the month is there won't be any April Fools Bull shit here, just the regular habitual Bull Shit

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