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I'm constantly wrong, basically any time you see something I've said it's wrong

and this all leads to, chichéd, yes, but useful markers along the road like "I only know that I know nothing" and "Zen mind, beginner's mind" and "assume good faith" and the like

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I suspect this is partially a "gifted kid" thing where so much value was tied to being right about stuff, and then being right about stuff got harder, and I didn't shed the arrogance and tunnel vision that came with that until an embarrassingly late age

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It took me way too long to embrace the possibility that I could be wrong about stuff and that not every hill was worth dying on

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I've never shitposted, I'm the most sincere poster on Mastodon

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Might as well gauge interest: if I were to open up commissions for Bespoke Poetry On Demand, would you be interested in using such a service?

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but luckily it’s too early to go to the movies
and all the museums are closed on Tuesday
anyway I’d rather be here with you
than in New York or possibly Amsterdam
with our eyes and lips and legs and bellies
and the sun as big as a house in the sky
and five minutes left before the world begins

—Lesléa Newman, "Possibly"


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to wake and find you sitting up in bed
with your black hair and gold skin
leaning against the white wall
a perfect slant of sunlight slashed
across your chest as if God
were Rembrandt or maybe Ingmar Bergman

Thomas mentioning Bolex cameras gives me an idea for : the 2019 British film Bait

Party People! Please give it the FUCK up for our newest member, @balrogboogie!

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along this road
mountain's shadow
good stars tonight

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Here it is, the first playlist under new rule: The One That Starts With J

Thank you to everyone who participated and I hope you like the result.


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