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:pitfall: Top 10 Anderson movies 

Boogie Nights
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Inherent Vice
There Will Be Blood
Moonrise Kingdom
The Master
Phantom Thread
The Royal Tenenbaums
Event Horizon

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Good morning Party People, it's another quiet day at the virtual copy desk

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@derek Laserdiscourse "I can totally appreciate what you're saying and understand your opinion. Respectfully, here is how I feel"

laserdiscourse is the best discourse because we respect each other's opinions and points of view

currently emailing myself 12 gigs of Bull Shit I had on my work computer

Good afternoon Party People, we are broadcasting live from the virtual copy desk for the first time in over two weeks, and I've gotta say, it's kind of weird

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this might be the dorkiest thing I've ever written

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Lately I've been killing time simulating baseball games with a pack of cards and now you can too

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**flips the "days since I last cried because of a movie" counter back to zero**

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The moment you set an action movie in a tall building, it suddenly automatically has perfect story structure. That's a fact.

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Movie 1 of 2021: Fury Road :furiosa: :nux:

Fuck this year I’ma whip somebody’s ass

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