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Hey art people: what is another name for red-brown paint? I use it in a cheap watercolor set enough that I should probably get it in a nicer quality but apparently that color doesn't exist in nicer paint

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Friday Night Homebody Club SOUND the FUCK OFF

haven't done this next one in a second

I forgot to put a tote in my messenger bag this morning, but I *did* have a big -ass piece of cheesecloth in there (don't ask), so I made a quick-and-dirty bag with it and I walked out of the supermarket feeling like Bear god damn Grylls

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river stones…
first frost
will you outlive me?

Good morning Party People, it's a sPoOoOoOoKy Fuck Yeah Friday

Gonna try and write a few more short poems tonight

NO MAP [hope] 

look before you lean indoors
the gashes in the presswood
seem deliberate, yet the switches
and levers haphazardly
screwed into the wall are not;
they don't appear to be connected
to anything, their circuitry corroding
in semi-confinement like the
phone number of a long-closed
restaurant; there is no food
for miles, there barely is an oasis,
just a wooden mountain that won't
burn and a pile of wet copper pipes
whistling low in the acrid wind
p.s. I hope you never have to read this

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I've been on a writing cold spell lately but dammit I'm gonna finish that Inktober challenge, even if it takes me until January to do it

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The worst movie that I've ever seen is Movie 43 and I legit cannot express how bad it is

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give me your tips on caring less about work / taking it less seriously / prioritizing your mental health and energy levels over work

boosts okay

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Oh shit it's uhhh *frantically looks through poetry collections* here! This is by Edna St Vincent Millay

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To tell my toots apart
from hidden-Markov wits
you'll have to have been me
but I will not let you

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Huh, #VerseThursday .
Guess i'll post this one, it speaks to a bit of me locked far far down

"This is how hunger begins:
In the morning you wake up feeling lively,
Then begins the weakness,
Then begins the boredom,
Then comes the loss
Of the power of quick reason,
Then comes the calm
And then begins the horror."
(roughly translated from russian)
Daniil Kharms

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Happy ! Please enjoy this prose poem by Mary Oliver: "Don't Hesitate"

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Good afternoon Party People, and wouldn't you know, it's already

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