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skunks [poem] 

I've seen more skunks in the last six months
than in my own tangle of dirt and bush
pipe cleaner tails shuffling into hedges
like black and white crepe paper ghosts,
emboldened by the same cloak darkening
my walk, mimicking big squirrels,
small raccoons, or weird cats
it's bad luck to cross a skunk's path
as I intrude, I yield the right of way
as they gurgle and squeak and squawk along
where once people chased after bricked threes
or tinkered with their engine blocks

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Happy #VerseThursday

Here’s a poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

The Breath Of Life
To smell The Sun
to feel The Wind
to breathe the Fresh Air from within
to experience The Stormy Weather
to walk on Top Of The Ocean
to talk with The Highest Emotion
to live The Real Life
to know The Real Love
to say Good Morning to The Dove
those are Steps in The Breath of Life
those are Parts in The Breath of Our Life
we'd care for it with Gentle Love, no knife

Good morning Party People, it is entirely too early to do anything but be sleeping, and yet I am at the virtual copy desk, bloviating about sports

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You can follow my Letterboxd, if you want to see the movies I'm watching and also infrequently see a review

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Good night Party People, I am a sleepy boy

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From this incredible video about a striking union. Even if you hate sports, give it a watch, it’s wonderful.

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My favourite thing about this movie is the deep bench of characters that show up for like three scenes but are still fully fleshed out

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Just watched Pump Up the Volume. Pretty good!

gonna go Thomas Mode and watch movies until the sun comes up

Oh it's gonna be a late one tonight, I can feel it

My buddy Maxton called Last and First Men "possibly the most post-rock movie [he's] ever seen" and I tell you what, he's not wrong

Thomas is the master of the 15-plus-toot story thread. No one in the fediverse does it better.

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Happy #VerseThursday

Here is my latest favorite poem:

A dance is a poem
Gestured through
The body language
And its signs and symbols,
Expressed through
The dance,
The body movement
In consonance with
The rhythm of language.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

Good morning Party People, I'm on the dreadfully early shift today (as you can no doubt surmise by the current time of day on the east cost), and today is also

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