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when I start making that Rupi Kaur money I'm gonna buy a Ron Tugnutt jersey because you've gotta rep your heroes

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remember that you're loved

remember that you're strong

remember that you have someone to lean on when you need them

remember that there's no shame in asking for help

So Ken Jennings and Richard Garfield got together and made a trivia game? Sign me up.

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Imagine dying on the hill of "people don't like my stale jokes anymore"

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Turned into a Japanese prog rock kind of day thanks to @starbreaker pointing me at Keiko Kumagai and Ars Nova - really good stuff if you're looking for some instrumental prog to drive your day.

someone: D, what are you thinking of at this exact moment?
me: Big League Chew and makin' fun of my boss, why?

the subtitle for this one is "Fast, Automatic Writing During My Lunch Break"

PYRAMID [build] 

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Good morning y’all! Today is gonna be fucking amazing

Good morning Party People, another week at work means another week of daytime posts at laserdisc dot party

(I do still want them to be good though)

gonna knock out three of those tomorrow to catch up; it's less about them being good than just doing them


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At MagicFest yesterday, one of the vendors was wearing a Peter Forsberg Nordiques jersey, and I was like, same


I have just listened to all 65 minutes of the Paul Stanley stage banter bootleg for reasons far too stupid to get into, and I've come to the conclusion the Paul Stanley might be the dumbest man in the world

I have yesterday's poem laid out in my head, I just have to write it down, it involves a very corny joke

Going apple picking tomorrow, it's gonna be sweet

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