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Bianca Andreescu is gonna do it, holy shit

even if it's edgy diet Scorsese, Joaquin alone will probably ensure I'll have a good time with it

My pal in podcasting crime (and writer and musician) Isabelle started a Ko-fi! Kick a few bucks her way, why doncha?

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god I can't believe the discourse this morning is about a movie, this rules

Colin Farrell plays dumpy real good but The Lobster left me wanting. It's the movie equivalent of someone explaining a joke after you don't laugh at it.

it's just this 16-bar loop of... if you can imagine a more ethereal 90s Everything But the Girl, simple drums, clean and slightly syncopated electric guitar, and the only lyrics are "I've got sixteen men"

Good morning Party People, on the rarest of days off, my brain tricked me awake with a song that doesn't exist

I think I figured out what poems to read at the open mic next week

I wrote a poem during my lunch break, I'm a regular Frank O'Hara (only with more references to birds with swords)

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the world is cruel and uncaring but we dont have to be

your hardboiled protag's name has to sound like someone hitting a heavy bag with a couple of marlins

I don't really have an NFL team, but I've always had an affinity for the Bills because (a) CFL legend Doug Flutie, (b) Buffalo is basically a Canadian city and (c) I too am familiar with soul-crushing disappointment and misery

the last Middlebrow Madness was a great "Derek has a bunch of cultural detritus at the ready" episode

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