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I don't care if it's an 8-drop, it's a fucking flying anvil that swings in for 13 in the air

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Replacing all my windows with sugar glass so I can throw people through them when I get angry.

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I can't believe Kurt Angle's last match is against a dude wearing a shirt.

Fucked up how WWE has the best wrestler in the world and stuck him in an 8-man tag match in the midcard

pirating WrestleMania because you don't want to line Vince McMahon's pockets is praxis

gonna engage in some pinball wizardry tonight

fuck I was so sick today that I almost forgot to tell everyone to everyone on

I made five posts in the last seven days, I can't even remember the last time I even got close to that

dusting off the blog as an excuse to write every day was a good call

shoutout to @gd525 for getting there first on the local TL

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masto admin, custom emoji question 


literally just holler anything I write and imagine a meaty post-stoner rock riff behind it

If you look very closely at anything I write, you can see the very faint residue of me trying to impersonate Clutch's Neil Fallon.

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3/4 of my Mt. Rushmore of film criticism worked mostly in Chicago: Ebert, Kehr, Vishnevetsky.

Roger Ebert died six years ago today and I still miss the shit out of him

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