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Why do we as a culture demand to see Paul Dano get the dogshit beat out of him

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@derek not exactly. it also slowly becomes a Kingdom Hearts shitpost

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@derek yeah basically it's just one prolonged improv session where tetsuya Nomura gets to do whatever the fuck he feels like

Is Kingdom Hearts just one giant Square/Disney shitpost you can play

my bot said that Face/Off sucked, and in other news, i have disowned my robot son

OK y'all, the excellently titled THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND THEN THE BIGFOOT is getting a limited release tomorrow, and my friend/partner in podcast crimes Michelle wrote about it back when it played Fantasia. Check it out if it comes to your town!

Corollary hot take: I need to get off my ass and watch Yasujiro Ozu movies that are not Tokyo Story

Here's my hot take: Tokyo Story is sad as shit!

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your regular reminder that Crystal Method have The Best Fuckin Instrument

[somewhere started smiling and he doesn't know why]

You could say that opinions on the M. Night Shyamalan movie from 2016 are... split.

M Night 

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Big Man Japan + Raiden + Papa Q. Bear + Laverne
Blackheart (Ghost Rider) + Wario + Lolth + Nihilists (The Big Lebowski)

[that joke is for like four people, and I'm not even sure all of them follow me]

Chungking Express is actually a 4/4 Vehicle for 4 mana with trample (in that it tramples your heart)

One day I'll be able to take a selfie where I'm smiling without it looking like someone out of frame is giving me a purple nurple.


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And you gotta be good to you (and everyone on

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buckle up chucklefucks, the laserdiscourse is all fucked up that I just know what I lovingly refer to as a bit

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