I broke up a scrap between my cats and now it looks like I punched a cheese grater

François Pérusse has seven platinum records and that is wonderful

Like there was a joke just now about Vincent Damphousse's recipe for moose and jellybean tataki. Just wild shit.

Now he does these... lipdub sketches? On the big French-language sports news show? Imagine if the Firesigns did bits over SportsCenter footage... for SportsCenter.

He doesn't really an English-language analogue but imagine if the Firesign Theater was really into pitch-shifting their voices and was also just one dude

François Pérusse is one of the funniest human beings on the planet and it guts me that English speakers will never know the joy of his glorious nonsense

@Tanuki dealer's choice, buddy. I guess you could always be a tweener.

@Thomas I just ran the numbers and this is basically true for me re: you as well haha

gotta love that melodramatic diet Jim Steinman shit Heart was on in the 80s

A comedian I like had a clip of this up on his Instagram yesterday and now I jus kind of have to deal with having it in my head. youtube.com/watch?v=1Cw1ng75KP

@healyn Every fartknocker with one of those hats thinks they're Bogart or Indiana Jones-era Harrison Ford but most of them just kind of look like (and no shade otherwise intended to one of the titans of smooth music) late-period Christopher Cross.

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@derek There used to be a #KrispyKreme at the Marche Central, and there's one off Boul Taschereau in Longueuil. Tasty.

@ThatTupperKid I mean, to be fair, they are within walking distance

@JordiGH Get thee to Ste-Cat and Bleury and get yourself a donut

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