@jacethechicken It's pretty good, but it is absolutely not the movie you think it is. It's much more melancholy.

@mcknze it absolutely isn't thought-provoking, not even a little bit, it's a pulpy soft sci-fi heist movie with some bonkers action in it, the last thing it is is an intellectual exercise

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@saltycoffee That's the I'm-too-broke-to-pay-for-more-hosting-or-a-second-mod guarantee!

Time to really ruffle some feathers this morning... 

@Juju I looked this up on Wikipedia and I have no one to blame but myself

man people really like that picture of Ruby huh

Good morning Party People, glory be the Day of Saturn

hot damn, it's a picture of a cat 

I asked to be part of the lineup, now we play the waiting game

**me, leaning over and pointing to the third-act twist in The Prestige** that's the prestige

@Pixley Sorry Karen, all I've got in this world are my takes. fwiw it plays better the second time around.

Kate's right, The Prestige rules, it replicates the feeling of having one put over on you by Criss Angel or some shit

Operation: Be Eugen's Personal Netflix Algorithm did not pan out

@sydney guilty as charged (though I'm not technically a copy writer, it's just part of the job description)

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