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I want to watch a movie this morning that's the opposite of Napoleon, so I think I'm going to watch Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

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once again I am forced to confront the fact that Nine Inch Nails might be the best band of all time

that or the Fediverse is populated by current and former goths, who's to say

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gun / food 

i put a glock in my guac so i can go from snack time to smack time within seconds

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Screaming Females cover of "If It Makes You Happy" goes hard, that's my Sheryl Crow take

@moviemorgz I think you should, because one of your synopses reminded me of a part of Thirst, which is a great little movie, banger Song Kang-ho performance

what I'm gathering here is that the lot of us should be movie producers

@moviemorgz a propos of absolutely nothing, have you seen the motion picture Thirst (2009)

@neoncoughh a propos of absolutely nothing, have you seen the motion picture Set It Off (1996)

@moviemorgz my cheat answer is Alex's "tough character actors simply having a nice time"

honestly? if I'm being true to me? Blaseball movie (so I guess this would be a sci-fi horror sports dramedy)

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laser pals if you had silly amounts of money what movie would you make/produce?

i’d make one that starts off as a cheesy 90s romcom then abruptly switches gears somewhere in the middle & becomes a horror film

Good morning Party People, it;s a quiet and cozy Sunday today

@moviemorgz I literally thought to myself just now "don't boost it again, that's too much"

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