@LarryDavis I mean to be frank it would probably be a framed picture of Ken Shamrock or something but yeah, basically

@LarryDavis Yo this looks like it could be my uncle's garage

@LarryDavis haha he kind of looks like a bizarro world Jon Bois.

@LarryDavis Are MRE reviews kinda like Epic Meal Time for people who like to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

@LarryDavis A few of us have spoken highly and at length about Mr. Bois's work.

@LarryDavis the former is a social justice YouTube person, the latter is the dude from SB Nation who wrote 17776 and made a doc about MMA with Felix Biederman, hence why he was on the show.

@LarryDavis I've listened to two episodes: the one with ContraPoints, and the one with the man, the myth, the legend Jon Bois.

It's not a bad show but it's not what I would call super compelling podcasting either. I mostly just think the title is good joke fodder.

@LarryDavis As in the pod or making jokes about the name of their show

[I have a Pavlovian reaction to jokes about Chapo Trap House]

[every time I see a play on Chapo Trap House, I am compelled to make one of my own]

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If you use the word "boffo" more than once per year you're automatically 75 years old, them's the rules

betcha this post does boffo numbers on olds.town

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