Good evening Party People, I'm back from my weekend with a grip of new poems, some strengthened friendships, and fashionable chipped nail polish

Good afternoon Party People, turns out I'm actually getting work done on this retreat lmao

the thing I wrote for the "stuck" prompt is basically a pop punk song about going back to your shitty hometown, I don't know how I'm gonna format that


Just a hair too long for the text box, so here it is

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are there any films that you just categorically, stubbornly refuse to ever watch? and not because of, like, disturbing/upsetting content. mine is The Goonies

(it's basically a road trip with other poets, it's gonna rock)

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Good afternoon Party People, today is a Not t Work Friday for me, because I'm headed east to a writer's retreat

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Pretty Good Episode 4 is just as important piece of lost media as the last reel of Magnificent Ambersons. Perhaps moreseo

Oh yeah I got a wild hair up my ass and painted my nails for the first time in nearly 20 years

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Good evening Party People, I hope you're having a cozy like Ruby here

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She was notable
just as the author of the
book was notable

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