@JordiGH I was staring off into space at my desk, and the all-timer bong rip question "how many fingers are a handful" popped into my brain

I just had a galaxy brain moment upon realizing that "a handful of X" is "approximately five X"


Good afternoon Party People, I've already modified my Top 250, but that's okay, it's an organic, dynamic list

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there were no John Woo movies at all on that list so I've already made an edit lmao

I have it at a 7, which seems real low for a movie that awesome

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oh shit, I've got to rewatch Face/Off so I can put it on my 250

@Thomas that's a contender for the Cable Movie Hall of Fame

@larrydavis take some solace in the fact that all of these are at least like a 9.2/10

yes :hal: is #1, so sue me, it's fucking magnificent

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