@PalmeDork The Thing is a top-ten movie, it rules so hard

@MmeLibertine is the D.A. Pennebaker Depeche Mode doc any good?

@wicche the best working actress under 30? Quite possibly

@mpjgregoire that criticism rarely holds up for any movie; of course it's derivative! It's all about what you bring to the table, that's what makes it interesting

rewatched Reservoir Dogs for the pad yesterday, and I gotta say, it holds up, and I can see why every dipshit in Hollywood was trying to ride its coattails in the 90s

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Happy Friday, Party people, just a reminder to have fun / Wang Chung tonight

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It's Fuck Up Friday let's get out here and make some fucking misteaks

@Thomas there's a lot on shit on LB that shouldn't be

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Good morning Party People, we made it to another Friday

@kiosk @Thomas we were just shooting the shit about filmographies we've mostly seen, and Alien 3 came up cos it was one of the couple Finchers I haven't seen, and well, you basically occupy the same area of my brain as the Alien franchise, so yeah, I was just curious if you had a Take

@Thomas we could knock those out by then end of this year

@Thomas it's 28 movies to go, and there's a few heavy hitters in there (LoA, Seachers, Singin' the the Rain, fucking E.T.)

@Thomas @alex I hear that movie is Pretty Deece, and it passes the Short/Good/Secret test!

oh dang I'm within striking distance of the AFI Top 100

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@alex @Thomas for real I should add "movies about newspapers" and "movies about gambling" to that list

@Thomas the only one I have left for the 1990s is Good Will Hunting

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