@vee if you want a reminder on masto, maybe @RemindMe can help

hmm maybe making Eternal Sunshine the chaser of my Day of Bangers was a tactical error on my part

@mood It was just kind of a fluke that that specific run caught on. By all accounts she's still at it, working actress, released an albums a few years back.

Between Ju-on, Kill Bill Vol 1, and Battle Royale, pretty sure Chiaki Kuriyama was an it girl for a very specific subsection of sullen turn-of-the-century video store dorks

@slightlyflightyone That's kind of the idea, yeah, but there are arthouse "hits," it's just a matter of scale. And a lot of them are pretentious too. Thoughtful, arty, there's a bunch of ways to describe them.

@slightlyflightyone That covers a hell of a lot of ground, could be anything from Eraserhead to Moonlight

@slightlyflightyone I think in its simplest form, it kind of stands in opposition to "blockbuster cinema" or "mainstream cinema," which is to say cheaper, character-driven, less beholden to popular forms, more elliptical

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i didn't know the UK existed until the release of Austin Powers

@goblin (this was the best I could come up with, they can't all be winners)

@goblin you know what they say, "the more you want, the Lord you thank"

few greater pleasures in this world than Hanx swearin'

"knock knock, who's there, go fuck yourselves" is still the funniest shit btw

Damn, Steven Spielberg is fucking good at directing

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