Working at the virtual copy desk means telling the higher-ups that "tit-for-tat" is being scrubbed by their profanity filter

I didn't 100% grasp the hornt implications of this toot because (a) on the hornt/wholesome continuum, I lean wholesome (though admittedly quite vulgar at times), and (b) I just think a dude with that name is very funny.

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He needs Jesus in his resume, king among men

Maybe this is the year I start repping Quebec at the movies and just jam all of Denis CΓ΄tΓ©'s stuff

Hell of a bass player, too. Also shout out to Wendy Matthews with the big assist on this record in particular.

When we talk about the great Linn LM-1 users, we should speak of Hiroshi Sato in the same breath we do Giorgio Moroder or Prince.

Good morning, Party People, let's do it to it

I'm happy to announce that I've been cast in Denis Villeneuve's Dune as Man Who Yells at the Spice #2

Please, Daddy was my father's name. Call me Harder.

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playing tetris 99 muted on the bus, getting really into it, humming the tetris theme off-key at an annoying volume, making a complete ass of myself when i die 91st

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