your boy is off work until the 20th bay-beeeee

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@balrogboogie thanks dogg! It's gonna be full-on staycation, maximum leisure

Good morning Party People, it's my last work day before my vacation

@Thomas Ving is so good, a reliable presence in everything

flirting with someone from north Florida by flexing a bunch and saying "welcome to Gainesville"

@evan the only one I can vouch for personally is Innocence

I'm in the bathroom and catch my reflection in the mirror. I stare at myself for way too long. "What the fuck is wrong with this picture? Am I ill?"

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She was very patient with me as I explained my predicament, and she basically said, "Of course you want to make sure it's nothing, but it sure as hell sounds like your calves are developing muscle mass."

What I though was disease was actually gains.

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last week I felt a weird tingle on the beds of my feet, stretching up to my calves, and I was fretting that, since I had been walking more, I pulled a nerve or jacked my foot in a semi-permanent way, maybe a circulation issue, maybe a strokes? So I called 811 to talk to a nurse...

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two recent events that prove I'm an idiot: a short thread

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