re: violence towards kids 

@Thomas @switch Ah yes, the Mel Brooks method

@kiosk I do want to watch this! I just want to get a feel for it

@touk @checkervest Touk I can promise you that every light in my house will be on when I watch this movie

@Thomas @kiosk so Mol you'd call Hereditary a "bad vibes" movie

y'all what the fuck is Ari Aster putting in these movies

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violence towards kids 

@alex @touk @Thomas please tell me how a horrible injury isn't violent

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Derek: gonna watch a scary movie! 😄

Literally everyone: let me tell you how this movie personally traumatized me 😭

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@kiosk @Thomas I mostly just want to know what level of fucked up I should brace for; like if I made it through The Babadook okay, how will I deal with this

@checkervest good lord, what the fuck happens in this movie

violence towards kids 

@Thomas @alex friend of mind wants to do the Ari Aster double for spooky season and I do want to see these movies, I have not kept up with contemporary horror

@kiosk see that's the 10 on the scale, right? This feels too classy to be that kind of fucked up

@checkervest I have not, I haven't seen either or Mr. Aster's movies

violence towards kids 

@Thomas I wonder if it's more or less intense that that kid get just blasted point blank in Assault on Precinct 13

and I only say :oh_no_bubble: because depending on who I ask, it's either kind of fucked up or one of the most fucked up things ever commited to film and at the end of the day I'm just a big baby

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