Hey there Party People, not only is it a Fuck Yeah Friday, since I completely spaced on it yesterday, I'm also declaring it to be , actual day of the week be damned

Well how about that, Party People, it's already

Good afternoon Party People, it's motherfuckin' doncha know

can I get a "It's motherfuckin' " going in the chat

Good morning Party People, it is another glorious

I should have posted this on but I translated one of my old poems into French and laid it out like a prose poem and I kinda like how it shook out. (1/2)

Oh Party People, you know good and damn well it's !

Good morning Party People, it is god damn y'all

Good morning Party People, and gee, won't you look at the time, it's already

Good morning Party People, you bet your ass it's

for this I am simply smashing my head against the last part of a poem I've been tinkering with for months

Get out your expensive inks and fancy kerchiefs, Party People, it's another motherfukkin

Good morning Party People, it is motherFUKKin up in here

it 100% is now so I'm gonna bump this, because I'm proud of it

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