strong vibes, but I don't know which vibes

Biscotti Bulletin: Late Edition (cat) 

Biscotti's tank top was in tatters, so we had to improvise a solution to keep her from getting to her stitches, so my gf donated an old top and we made her a kitty cape

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Biscotti Bulletin (cat) 

our vet is about to go on vacation, and she wanted to see Biscotti before then; the first thing she said to me is that it was a miracle her mass came back benign. Her stitches are healing well and she's doing good overall. I love my janky old miracle garbage cat.


Good morning Party People, I'm in summer babe mode

pet death, ec in pic 

this is not a good morning, Patry People

it's with a heavy heart that I must report that my beautiful boy Koopa passed away earlier this morning at the age of 10

I'm just gutted


meet me at the Big Red Molecule by the river in the next 30 minutes if you want an ass beating

AI text; bloody violence involving cartoons, blood, needles 

holy shit

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AI text; 2001 #MovieBowl 

welcome to a moment in history

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AI text; Shrek hits a home run off Randy Johnson 

putting the to good use

AI-generated art, "you're trying to fool somebody buy you're only fooling yourself" 

uh... huh

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