selfie, shoveralls (shorts coveralls, fuctionally a romper) 



on a related note (not a subtoot, I am just immature and find this funny)


Werner Herzog talking about cat videos is all the film criticism I need. (video is an Overcast screenshot)

I'm gonna get some real good mileage out of this GIF

pet death 

Party People! Friends and confederates of! Our instance is turning one in a couple of weeks, and what better way to celebrate than with a group-watch of MIND GAME? Join us on Saturday 27 April at UTC-2200! More details tk.


A few words on Dark Star, your dad's favourite John Carpenter movie (if your dad smokes a lot of weed), which turns 45 today.

Also Suzuki did the cover art for one of my all-time favourite albums, Tatsuro Yamashita's For You.

the cast and crew of The Beach Bum would make a god-tier dinner party guest list, let's be real

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