I should have posted this on but I translated one of my old poems into French and laid it out like a prose poem and I kinda like how it shook out. (1/2)

tag urself, I'm the bunny sneaking into the X-rated movie

Good afternoon Party People, I am approximately this bored at work.

Derek Reads You a Poem (fleeting eye contact) 

A little Richard Hugo on this

I'm running this Hans Børli poem back this because I love reading it

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I've had Shel Silverstein on the brain lately, so this I'd like to pay hommage to another writer with a fondness for silliness and food


my hair is hitting critical mass


I put on Heat and Koopa just... jumped on the table and started watching. He's been there's since the start of the film. He's never done this.

Good afternoon Party People, these are my 20 favourite movies from 2019

I've decided to keep a media log this year and this week has been a ride so far

cat, spooky 

Pop quiz: Ruby... or a DEMON???!!!

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