I'm gonna program a month of movies New Bev style and try to pander to l.p as much as I possibly can

sample day of programming 

Friday 01 September 2022

1400 GODZILLA (1954)
1830 CITIZEN KANE (1941)

I have Video Game Mondays here so @hex gets the 9/4 double-feature of Super Mario Bros. (1993) and Ace Attorney (2012)

I would never leave this place if it were real

@Thomas @derek I should point out that Sep 1 is a Thursday not a Friday. I know because my birthday is Aug 31, a Wednesday

@derek @Thomas lol "fuck it, I'll just push it back a year instead of updating the calendar. Even more time to refine it."

@Thomas @derek Just remove the days using a find and replace in a text editor, and then change the dates for the Godzilla fridays. All you gotta do.

@sexybenfranklin @Thomas all right, we needed to add a show on the 1st so I threw @carithlee a bone, had to cut UHF and Live Flesh for another month

@derek i only have two suggestions: pull out monster hunter (it was REALLY not good) IF you hadn’t seen Rampage yet. i was surprised how much fun that was.

and i’d push to have Welcome to Raccoon City in the Resident Evil block because it was also kind of fun (but if you haven’t seen the picked out RE i wouldn’t push too hard on this)

@hex I'm not married to monster hunter, I can swap it out for Rampage, but I'm keeping the PWSA Resident Evil two-fer

@derek if it were just the two RE i wouldn’t have even mentioned anything but Rampage was just such a surprising romp I needed to get it on your radar

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