so I took a page from @MmeLibertine's playbook and drew myself a spread for the year; this is a lot of info to parse

the guide is here:


@MmeLibertine would you fucking believe that I drew the King of Wands as my guide too


that December Tower is gonna be fun lmao

the cards in this specific spread [1/2] 

January: Page of Cups, reversed
February: 10 of Cups, reversed
March: 8 of Swords, reversed
April: The Chariot, reversed
May: 9 of Pentacles
June: Queen of Wands
July: 3 of Hears, reversed
August: Ace of Cups, reversed
September: Queen of Cups, reversed
October: 4 of Pentacles
November: Page of Pentacles, reversed
December: The Tower

the cards in this specific spread [2/2] 

Winter: 10 of Wands
Spring: Death, reversed
Summer: Knight of Pentacles, reversed
Fall: 9 of Cups

Advice: Page of Swords
Theme: The Empress, reversed
Challenges: The Hierophant, reversed

Guide: King of Wands

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