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My name is Derek, and I am the proprietor and sole administrator of, the Video Store of the Fediverse™️. I live in a secret underground bunker somewhere on the Island of Montreal.

I am responsible for such tomfoolery as , , and the Greater Fediverse Movie Poll. Sometimes I talk music, sports, and Magic: The Gathering (jank only).

Ask me about my podcasts and my poetry (and other people's podcasts and poetry).

@derek I really ought to do an intro. I had one for a while, unpinned it and I think deleted it

@wordsmith So funny story, I started writing poetry two summers ago because I was fed up with the grind of trying to get paid to write about movies, so I channeled a lot of my academic background (film studies lmao) and various fascinations into it; two years later I have a chapbook coming out on a local small press

@derek I had written maybe five, ever; goofy things that still make me smile. The one day out of the blue someone floods my life and out comes the poetry. I still find it somewhat aprocryphal.

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