maybe it's the blue lighting or the inner glow of performing again but I think this is one of the better pictures of me that exist

hey who wants to see video of me reading a poem on stage an' everything

So this past weekend I read live for the first time in 18 months and the organizer had the foresight to shoot some video, so here I am reading my poem "The Pearl" in front of a hot hot crowd

@derek it’s great when the crowd laughs but it’s so good when they get quietly impressed after an idea or a turn of phrase hits them, you hit that zone a lot here

@checkervest it's a weird feeling knowing you've got a crowd eating out of your hand

@derek You look really close to what I expected. This is a good thing.

Great poem too

@derek Also that seapie reference. I haven't thought about seapie in a long time

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