inspired by Thomas's newfound disregard of nuance, I will henceforth only review movies using traffic light colours

Mad Max: Fury Road 馃煝
Apple in the River 馃煛
Trancers 馃煝
Antonio Gaud铆 馃煛
Tokyo Drifter 馃煝


M. Night is back on his bullshit and it rocks

There's some wild wild direction and offbeat compositions in this one, it is positively fevered, and it also has probably the single most fucked-up image I've seen in a Shayamalan joint, just a Hall of Fame disturbing image

spoiler request 

@derek I am absolutely not going to see this so can you tell me plz 馃憖

spoiler request 

@MmeLibertine the fucked up image?

spoiler request 

@derek yes please, if you're cool with it?

spoilers for Old; body horror 

@MmeLibertine so cells grow/regenerate faster on this beach, right? at one point one characters, who has a calcium deficiency, is stuck in a cave kind of flails about in a small tunnel, causing her limbs to keep breaking and keep healing in the wrong place. It's messed up!

spoilers for Old; body horror 

@derek oh my godddddd that's... pretty unique and fascinating?! egads though


@derek is it "man dies of tetanus in fast-forward" or "woman with calcium deficiency breaks her limbs repeatedly"

disturbing; spoilers for Old 

@balrogboogie the latter lmao

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