Good evening Party People,I'm watching some movies

@MmeLibertine I had myself a weird double-feature. First was The Mule, which is another late-period Clint Eastwood movie about how being old sucks and having regrets about the choices you've made also sucks, but also Clint's a drug mule (hence the title).

@MmeLibertine And then there was Bad Times at the El Royale, which was very pretty but was kind of leaden in terms of pace; I think the idea was to make a talky, Tarantino-esque hothouse thriller, and the script sounded pretty good, but the structure was all wonky. You might appreciate the fact that Chris Hemsworth dances shirtless and in super-low-rise jeans to Deep Purple's "Hush."

@derek hmmm yes, good, this sounds like my kind of cinema 🤔 will have to make some time for Hulu this afternoon

@derek would these happen to be podcast-related movies

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