Does anyone else factor in a user's review curve when deciding whether or not to follow them on Letterboxd or am I just being weird

My pet theory is, across eras and genres, movie quality follows standard normal distribution, which is just a fancy and unnecessarily oblique way of saying "most movies are okay"

the peak of my Letterboxd is at 4 because I don't watch shitty movies 😎


if your Letterboxd rating curve is just a wall from 0.5 to 3.5, falls off a cliff at 4, and lands in the ocean at 4.5, what are we even doing here

no I will not read your unedited 2,000-word screed on The Master, and I love The Master

@derek just gonna uhhhh check my review curve real quick

@checkervest lmao you're good, you just watch a lot of bangers, like me

@derek this is mine because I simply only watch what Im interested in

@kiosk mine is the same basic shape for the same basic reason

@derek idk if i vet people based on this per se but i do tend to not follow people who ~only~ post negative reviews because it just reminds me of the worst of film twitter

@derek see this is why I don’t use the star ratings at all, I wouldn’t be consistent in any way

@neoncoughh This is also the thing, "three stars" means different things to different people, there's no way it *can* be consistent

@derek @PalmeDork I land a lot of movies at 3 when I can't form a strong opinion on them, lol

@derek @PalmeDork "It was pretty good but I won't watch it again any time soon" ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

@Thomas @derek haha, I think I just have bad recency bias so could rate things down half a star a few weeks after but where's the fun in that?

@PalmeDork @derek I have a tendency to move things up or down a star the next day or so after

@Thomas @PalmeDork That's why I've started waiting like a day before I rate anything; invariably it snaps into focus

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