I can't believe @evan has watched Femme Fatale seven times this year

Maybe I should watch the Brian De Palma film Femme Fatale

@derek @evan I was briefly De Palma Pilled earlier this year and watched it

@derek @evan I've had Blowout on my watchlist since then, maybe I'll watch that tonight.

@Thomas @evan Blow Out fucking whips, that's my fave De Palma

@derek @evan nice! I need to see it and Carlito's Way. Right now, I think my faves are Scarface and MI

@derek @Thomas okay well i would say keep Blow Out in mind when you're watching Femme Fatale because well i have my own interesting little theory about what those two works are saying in relation to each other

@Thomas @derek Femme Fatale is the optimistic remake of Blow Out and also the same story told in reverse

@evan @Thomas I will keep this in mind when (not if) I see Femme Fatale

@derek @evan were you around when some folks were trying to make watching Southland Tales into a bit

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