catching up with an obscure 70s movie called Star Wars


The thing with the first couple Star Wars joints is that they're these really fun, rip-roaring mystical space westerns full of texture and weirdness that absolutely do not scream "culture-swallowing multi-billion-dollar juggernaut," which is part of the tragedy of Star Wars

Imagine if you will a picture of St. Sebastian, labelled Star Wars, and two of the arrows puncturing him labelled "backstory" and "lore"

@phillyis I'm trying to remember if there was, you know, a clamouring for... not sequels, there's always been sequels, but... origins stories and expanded universes pre-Prequels. Star Trek, I suppose, but that was mostly on TV. What happens between 1983 and 2001 that leads us here?

@derek I think it was a thing in comics for a long time but I'm not an expert in that one. So, I blame comic nerds, as always. Also there's a large overlap with Sci-fi nerds in there too

@derek I was at a kid’s birthday party yesterday and one of the parents there was talking about the “lore” of Mortal Kombat and it took everything in my power not to engage

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