Good morning Party people, who won the 2004 Movie Draft?

The one thing that surprised me to most is that no one, but *no one*, took The Notebook

@derek whoever E is because they got Eternal Sunshine

@Thomas @neoncoughh @derek because I haven't seen alot of the list, the one that has the most "seen AND liked" is C for me but I feel the three you picked are the strongest, I just can't speak to half of each of them

@phillyis @neoncoughh @derek I’m down to E and F based on Hotel Rwanda being a movie I never want to see again

@Thomas @phillyis @derek right up there with Schindler’s List — extremely good, never again

@Thomas @neoncoughh @derek of the two you're looking at now that D is off the table I'd have to go with F, because despite really loving Kong Fu Hustle I don't think it can pull the group (only seen it and Kill Bill v2). Again, this is mostly flavored by watching movies that me and dad would agree on in theaters

@phillyis @neoncoughh @derek I've never seen Mind Game or Before Sunset so I really *can't* choose E. I love National Treasure as blockbuster though and of course Eternal Sunshine.

@phillyis @neoncoughh @derek Derek, I doubt I hit your list for a 3rd time in a row. Were you D E of F?

@Thomas @phillyis @neoncoughh you sure did lmao, I was E! And for what it's worth, I voted for F too, I think that might be the best set of picks anyone's gotten so far

@derek @phillyis @neoncoughh Top 4 on E is my fave I think but not having seen 2 of them cut it from the top. Also getting Layer Cake at 42 is a great pick for F

@Thomas @phillyis @neoncoughh I was a little surprised too, I had it going early 2nd round, but I draft with a bunch of dorks, so it was a high-value target

@derek @phillyis @neoncoughh for sure the best sequel available I think although I see you took Kill Bill at 5 but I'd take that as a panic pick since the other top sequel was gone

@Thomas @neoncoughh @derek there's a 50/50 chance I eternal sunshined myself into forgetting watching Eternal Sunshine though

@Thomas @neoncoughh @derek it's a mixed bag but the pure "I've seen that and didn't hate it" for 2/3 of the list is strong when I didn't see half the list on most of them

@neoncoughh That was my chalk #1 overall pick! It fell to eighth! Eighth!!!

@derek respectfully: what is WRONG with the rest of your draft friends?!

@neoncoughh In the defense of D, they thought they could get Eternal Sunshine on the crackback, but it got yanked out from under her nose

@Thomas I mean, me too, it reflects the crowd that was drafting (who went with, like, Before Sunset and A Very Long Engagement instead)

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