I'm in a bit of a writing slump and I think it's because I got in my own head about what the kind of thing I'm supposed to be writing is instead of just writing

It's tough to ignore "what is this supposed to be and how is it supposed to sound" in favour of "what can I bring to the table that wasn't there before"

@derek You can also bring to table what was already there. No one tires of warm bread

@dualhammers Right, of course! Everyone loves warm bread, but no two loaves are alike.

@derek That's inevitable though, you don't need to worry about or even ask the question. If you bake bread it will be unique.


@dualhammers Sometimes the most self-evident truths are the hardest ones to make stick.

@derek Especially when they're so frequently obfuscated by smart-sounding misinformation. I'm processing a lot around body image today brought on by spurious statements about how body shape showcases good genes etc. etc.

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