everything I hear people say about hamsters (good first rodent for a kid, playful, easy to handle, etc) is actually true about rats, not hamsters; I would not trust a child with an asshole furball with zero sense of self-preservation

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don't let that Hamtaro shit fool you, hamsters are ornery as fuck

I have to sit around and watch all this shit about how rats are grody as fuck and hamsters are perfect little angelic poofballs and I'm here to tell you, having had both as pets, that these are LIES

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fucking rats had to take the L for the Plague because Europe didn't figure out how to wipe its ass properly until the 18th century and culturally we're still stuck with that image

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@derek i've had both hamsters and rats, and i will vouch for the fact that i have never had a rat get out of its cage and immediately become lost in its surroundings, but once i did come home from work and my hamster somehow escaped her enclosure with a topper and i didn't find her for 3 days

i've also had a hamster bite me and not let go, which is something i have yet to experience a rat do

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