rubber moccasins dug firmly
into a bed of old sand
and clam shells honed into
shivs by an unyielding current
habit is bait for the fish
that refuses to be found
in some places, they grow larger than legend,
mauling oxen and fishermen
with the devil's fingertips
poking out of their gums, or
making the shore rumble
by thrashing under a god's thumb
but here? toothless barbeled sharks,
aquatic possums passing by
as I try to harness that which
sees me as just another stone

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UNTITLED (Exceprt from an Old Unfinished Poem) [wisp] 

the young day keeps all promises
you glimpse the face of God in your Spanish omelette
and in the crispy hash brown wisp of hair
tumbling from her forehead like a kitten's toy

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You stand on the gore like a shy child in a school play. Your hair is teased by a cement wind. You feel constricted in the bulk of your layers. Your club-goth shirt has a sash of negative space, and your
cool pants look light a giant mustard stain in the light of day. Your golden kicks are the color of a median line on a lost highway. You don't know if the sedan teetering on the edge of the shoulder is yours or not. It's a clear day and no one else is here.

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SYMPHONY FOR 1,000 RADIOS [radio] 

one thousand underpaid salespeople
twiddling one thousand tuner knobs
over the course of one thousand hours
sculpting the static into a symphony
loud enough to rattle the windows
persistent enough to deter commerce
no one says anything because it all
suspiciously looks like hard work

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@derek I really hope you are first writing these with a quill pen (they're good!)


@dualhammers thank you! I wish I had a quill, I wrote these in Notepad like a chump

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