@checkervest It's going pretty good! Slowly transitioning into my fall clothes. How are you, Alex?

@derek that's great!! I'm jealous haha hopefully we'll be doing the same at some point, fall clothes are the best clothes

@checkervest Yup! The sweat demon retreats into the shadows for another eight months.

@derek hi derek. I have been writing poetry. How are you?

@dualhammers That's awesome! Writing poetry is fun as hell. I'm doing pretty good all things considered. How're you?

@derek Coming to grips with my ADHD and I just finished moving. I am a bit lonely but I am making progress so all in all things are OK.

Writing poetry is fun! But it is weird, too, because if I try and force a writing session length I find my best work either comes in the first 5 minutes or at the very end.

Are you still doing online movie nights?

@dualhammers That's the spirit!

Writing is aprocess and it's different for everyone, but in my experience, the most clichéd stuff is true. Same as you, I raely "sit down and write." I jot bits and bobs down and... put them together. Most of my stuff is spackle for images lmao.

God I haven't done a Movie Night in ages. We're way past due.

@derek I was just shown Way of the Gun and honestly I liked it more than I expected.

@derek Extremely post Tarantino action movie; the dialogue sometimes has a noir fan fiction vibe, but it hangs together well enough, and Benicio Del Toro shows off why he was nominated for some Oscars.

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