Give me your podcast recs! Preferably 30-75 minutes in length, updated no more frequently than once a week, and the hosts have either gotta be real funny or real into something. Or it's about the breakdown of a process.

@derek The Omnibus Podcast with Ken Jennings and John Roderick is a good listen. It’s about obscure subjects in history and pop culture that have been forgotten and are being “preserved” for an audience in the future.

@gd525 That's a great one! I know because I'm already a listener haha

@derek I hope you listened to the episode about Ted Danson in Blackface. That just left me crying.

@derek I think I saw that Danson movie with Whoppi back in 1995. That was weird.

@gd525 I caught in on cable dubbed in French like nine years ago, it was dogshit

@derek yeah, I’m sure the movie has aged poorly like Ted in blackface.

@derek but it did have Will Smith in a supporting role.

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