The first Krispy Kreme in Montreal opened last week and there were fuckin _lines_. I know this cos I was in one.

The last time I saw lines that long for a new store opening downtown was for the government weed dispensary

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@derek Same shit happened in Mexico City about a decade ago wtf.

@JordiGH That original glazed donut is the shit, though. I saw cats leave with three, four, five dozen donuts in a garbage bag, it was wild.

@derek Dammit, these guerilla marketing tactics are working. Where's *my* donut?

@JordiGH Get thee to Ste-Cat and Bleury and get yourself a donut

@ThatTupperKid I mean, to be fair, they are within walking distance

@derek There used to be a #KrispyKreme at the Marche Central, and there's one off Boul Taschereau in Longueuil. Tasty.

@derek hell yeah, there is nothing on this earth so good as a fresh hot Krispy Kreme original glazed donut

Tim Horton's sour cream glaze KILLS anything Krispy Kreme has to offer.


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