Allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Derek. I'm an internet old-timer who lives in , and I am the founder and admin of, the video store of the fediverse (or so I like to think).

And while I do talk lots about (went to grad school, wrote a thesis on The Room and Snakes on a Plane, have a film-crit website and two movie podcasts), I'm just as likely to talk about , , , and your garden variety comedic nonsense.


@derek +1 for another of the semi rare breed of wrestling magic hobbyists. What's your choice promotion? (I'm an iMPACT guy, as anyone that knows me from Twitter would attest to).


@3drinks Mostly the WWE empire, but I'm kind of omnivorous when it comes to it, I'll watch pretty much anything if you sit me in front of it

@derek makes sense I guess. That's by far the biggest influence we have. Myself I'm so drained by the state of the show, especially RAW with its total lack of star power and refusal to build new people.

@3drinks Which is why I like NXT a lot more these days. I hadn't sat down to watch a TakeOver in a minute and WarGames knocked me on my ass.

@derek right?! Those kids down at NXT are knocking out these homeruns after homeruns then I turn to the main roster and like..."is that it?" That said, I do have a soft spot for 205live, right now it's being done [mostly] right.

@3drinks The booking on the main shows is 100% the reason I'm not really keeping up with the main shows. I feel like they don't know what they have and they're trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

@derek I started watching the recaps on dot com and drawing my own conclusions. Which is're taking 3 hours to tell me what I'm figuring out in 20min or less...your storytelling ideology may need some refinement.

Don't even get me started on the amazing roster and resources they're squandering...I could write a book on that.

@3drinks Also, and here;s my scalding take, both main shows would lose nothing if cut down. Can you imagine if Raw were 2h and SD were 1.5h? Dang.

But WWE needs that ad money I guess.

@derek I think 2 hours is great for both brands, honestly. Any more and you just get a situation where you're losing people, regardless of what content you're giving them.

I'd just add the UK title to 205 since at least you're doing SOMETHING with a title that's had fewer defenses than Brock's universal reigns.

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