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Allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Derek. I'm an internet old-timer who lives in , and I am the founder and admin of, the video store of the fediverse (or so I like to think).

And while I do talk lots about (went to grad school, wrote a thesis on The Room and Snakes on a Plane, have a film-crit website and two movie podcasts), I'm just as likely to talk about , , , and your garden variety comedic nonsense.


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@MmeLibertine is the D.A. Pennebaker Depeche Mode doc any good?

rewatched Reservoir Dogs for the pad yesterday, and I gotta say, it holds up, and I can see why every dipshit in Hollywood was trying to ride its coattails in the 90s

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Happy Friday, Party people, just a reminder to have fun / Wang Chung tonight

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It's Fuck Up Friday let's get out here and make some fucking misteaks

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Good morning Party People, we made it to another Friday

oh dang I'm within striking distance of the AFI Top 100

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this is in part why I watched Stagecoach the other night

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- movies to watch for upcoming episodes of Middlebrow Madness
- Movie Draft homework
- Letterboxd Large Front Page Challenge[1]
- the nine movies I listed earlier to finish off some key filmographies

[1] I want to watch every movie on the Films page for the last ten decades (i.e. the 18 most popular films of that decade)

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I should make make another list of my ongoing viewing "projects," which is fictionally a list of lists

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please ignore the fact that I wrote "Ladykillers, the" like an asshole and immediately got my comeuppance with "The Last of the Mohicans"

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said list, so far 

Alien 3
Fear and Desire
Ladykillers, the
Pom Poko
The Last of the Mohicans

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I should make a list of movies that are the only ones left for me to see in a director's body of work

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*A Verse*

Do not be averse
To writing a verse.
Even if you think
It is way too terse.


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#VerseThursday fun poem by Kenn Nesbitt

Bubble wrap, bubble wrap,
pop, pop, pop.
Wrapped around my bottom.
Wrapped around my top.

I’m double-wrapped in bubble wrap
It’s covering my clothes.
It’s wrapped around my fingers.
It’s wrapped around my toes.

I’ve wrapped myself in bubble wrap
exactly as I’d planned.
But now I’m tied so tightly,
I can barely even stand.

I’m having trouble walking.
I can hardly even hop.
I guess I’ll have to roll today.
Pop, pop, pop.

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Good morning Party People, and oh would you look at that, it's already

Good morning Party People, we now begin our broadcast day

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