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Allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Derek. I'm an internet old-timer who lives in , and I am the founder and admin of, the video store of the fediverse (or so I like to think).

And while I do talk lots about (went to grad school, wrote a thesis on The Room and Snakes on a Plane, have a film-crit website and two movie podcasts), I'm just as likely to talk about , , , and your garden variety comedic nonsense.


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celebrating St. Jean by blasting English-language music and flipping off my neighbours

Good morning Party People, it is a super-early, super-bank holiday edition of

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how is there not a 30 for 30 on the astoundingly sexist Spike TV-ass dog-and-pony show that is (was?) the Extreme Football League, fka the Legends Football League, fka the Lingerie Football League

looks like those RLM fellas are on a couple of Emmy ballots :mike: :sadjay: :richevans:

Good morning Party People, welcome to the middle of the week

Good evening Party People, I just watched Children of the Corn

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I've never been anything but stupid and lazy and I sure as shit won't start today

got that second jab booked for mid-July

Good morning Party People, it's the first of a series of early ones this week at the virtual copy desk

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What’s the most Dudes Rock song of all time and why is it The Boys are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy?

Y'know, Rocky, First Blood, Shawshank, Green Mile, stuff like that

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Good morning Party People, what is in the canon?

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This is a beautiful poem by 8th century Chinese poet Po Chu-i about going to bed drunk and just vibing

I think I'm going to revisit Blood Simple

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