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y'all what the fuck is Ari Aster putting in these movies

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Derek: gonna watch a scary movie! 😄

Literally everyone: let me tell you how this movie personally traumatized me 😭

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and I only say :oh_no_bubble: because depending on who I ask, it's either kind of fucked up or one of the most fucked up things ever commited to film and at the end of the day I'm just a big baby

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It's all over but the fragments and stacks
in the drawers and cupboards; the sun and
the seasons are the only way you tell time

a watched canyon is never carved, as
a watched forest never grows, as
a watched pen is never wielded

fix yourself a turkey sandwich, take out your quill, put in your day, until the last of the lamplight
gets startled and scurries away

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Good morning Party People, welcome to the first full week of October

I don't know that I'll finish my day 2 poem today but I'm headed in a very Jethro Tull direction

Good evening Party People, I hope you're having a cozy fall Sunday

EROSION [gargoyle] 

ugly how?
grotesque to whom?
climb up here and tell me that
to my face, which like my skull
and oesophagus, has been eroded smooth
by the weather I was built to bottleneck;
you wince at the snaggle in my fangs and gawk
at the rainwater vomit I spew with the sky

but you marvel at the mortar
I've helped to keep uncracked;
yet the passing bird bathes
in the puddles I create
and in the dry season, it builds
a nest in the hanging
stone perch of my terrible cleft maw

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Wenders and Herzog are kind of two sides of the same coin

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Wim Wenders hasn't made a capital-G great fiction film in 30 years but the man made fucking Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire in a three-year span, and that's why he'll always have a seat at my table

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man just *thinking* about Paris, Texas fucks me up

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