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Hi! I'm Ryan (he/him), nearly-34 years old, from Albany, NY.

All my main interests and hobbies are in my bio, and you can surely expect to see me posting about them.

I recently became a dad to a super good kiddo, and am trying once again to learn guitar.

My DMs are open for anyone who won't abuse the privilege, and I'm here to help with whatever, as much as I can.

I'll try my best to CW my posts, but as I'm returning to Mastodon, I may slip. Please forgive / remind me!

k cups are tea bags with more e-waste and plastic, pass it on

take a picture of your current view and respond with it here! (boosts ok / preferred)

My friend Dusty is releasing his latest video today, which spends 28 minutes diving into Dodie Smith, The Hundred and One Dalmatians book, and the game, titled 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure. While there is a game review in there, his reviews tend to be more exploratory glimpses of the "behind the scenes" aspects that these games have. Please check it out, as he's put tons of time into it, along with all his other videos!

Did a quick scan for a game that I don't have the manual for, so this is just the disc and the insert. However!

Kagero - Deception II scans are in! And, it's basically just the images seen here.


i'm am a master of the barter, i go to ask for how much to pay for game, they say 60 i say no, 10 take it or leave it,

i go to ask about car and they say 40000 but i say no i will pay $200 and if that's not enough then i will pay $201 and not an penny more

i ask you how low you go for your trash, you still gouge me.

every object up for debate, no price too low, all price too high, you draw painting that takes you a week, i pay 5 dollars

i'm am the master of the barter, take it or leave it,

seeing a lot of un-CWed US politics on the federated tl right now

when i see peoples' time entries stating that they're out of office, (ooo) i tend to think that they're marvelling at something, which is exactly what i would do if i was out of office

Hey, do you like PS1 car racing simulation games? Yeah me neither! (Actually I dunno, I haven't played many.) But guess what! Now you can peruse like 100ish pages of manuals for them! And download them HERE:

Gran Turismo 2 - Greatest Hits is now up.

food, kinda -, but funny 

on any other day, making a smoothie and pushing a block of unblended frozen fruit around in such a way that it glorped a bunch of the pureed stuff all over my shirt and kitchen floor would've set me off, but today, idk, it was just kinda ridiculous

i don't care what the power of the dog is about, it's the power of the dog!!!

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resisting the urge to vote in the lp by title alone, completely tipping the scales and causing an upset in objectively rating movies i've never seen

For anyone who's followed me before I stated it before, I host all these scans, as I do them, on that Mediafire page. They're all raw scans, you're free to use them however you like, you don't have to credit me if you don't want to, but I would like to know if you use them! Makes this worth my time.

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Some new scans for today - Chrono Cross (Greatest Hits version). I just recently got a copy of this game back in, and I regret getting rid of it when I did (I don't even remember doing it.) I'm unsure if the black-label version had a color manual, but I hope it did because these B&W manuals are pretty stale.


scannin' a fresh batch of ps1 game images, coming up shortly

i can't believe i've just been gaslit into buying balan wonderworld

okay now i'm wondering whether anyone else has gotten really comfortable being in like the same 10x15-sized space for work and play since the beginning of the pandemic, because i basically live in one room of my house other than sleeping. i'll even accept answers from folks who have studio apartments because you still have a choice to go somewhere else even if it's not optimal

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