the scene where they launch the spaceship to fhloston paradise is just SO fuckin good. damn

obvious thing i just realized: fifth element follows the monomyth

i wonder what Super Serious critics think about The Fifth Element

Thoroughbreds review:
that was quite the trip. enthralling, captivating acting with interesting cinematography and a wonderful plot


lily actually did it. the absolute madwoman

neither of these girls are interested in studying

time for Thoroughbreds, which i'm sure will be a normal movie about normal people

Annihilation review:
i liked it. enjoyed the cinematography, acting, and musical direction. no plot related bugbears but the dna thing is a little weird. overall a solid sci-fi horror flick. would recommend.

what in THE Hell/10

"what did you see in there"
idk but i heard a p sick beat

Annihilation Spoilers 

the crystalline trees next to the lighthouse oh my goodness

confirmed in canon tho that the shimmer is altering their dna so it works i guess

"the shimmer refracts everything" ok so that's not really how physical things like dna work but go off i guess

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