Thinking about how Hans Christian Andersen got a bad review and immediately went outside on the grass and fell down on the ground weeping, inconsolable

Hans remains relatable, RB if Charles Dickens might complain about you gathering "the strangest little nosegays in the woods" and cutting fun little patterns out of paper and leaving them all over his guest room


It is infuriating how gross people are being about The Little Mermaid but it's a perfect time to remind anyone who's angry about the casting that the original story was how Hans decided to work through finding out the guy he had a completely unrequited crush on got married

"what if I had an opportunity to be with you by getting rid of your girl but instead I sacrificed myself for you both and it was so beautiful and touching that I immediately went to heaven" is honestly one of the top two author self-inserts of all time next to Charlotte Bronte's "what if my hot professor's wife died in a fire so I could marry him"

@checkervest honestly applying the original story to that context just makes me feel extremely bad for mr. hans

@checkervest holy shit is that seriously where she got it from

@checkervest incredible to me that so many people poo-poo self-insert fiction and then it's like hello have you read all these extremely classic stories that have become major cultural touchstones

@checkervest And, The Little Mermaid is based on an older story called Undine, in which the mermaid needs to marry a human man to get a soul. HCA didn't like the idea that someone's chance of immortal salvation was tied to a man, so he changed the ending so that the Little Mermaid becomes an air spirit and can earn a soul by doing good deeds. So it's also, "I sacrificed myself for your happiness, but I don't need a man to be whole, thank you very much *snaps*"

@checkervest Let's not forget JKR's "what if I did absolutely nothing wrong and people were really mean to me on the internet"

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