Happy Tuesday! It's foggy out this morning which is the best kind of morning. How's everyone doing?

@checkervest it's not foggy but it's been mercifully cool up here the last couple days, just a couple of random spring says in August

welcome back, and how have you been?

@derek oh that's wonderful!! I am so ready for cooler weather

things have been difficult but I'm getting through it!

@checkervest hi Alex! It’s nice to see you! It is hazy and humid here and feels like it’s going to get more so 🥵

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon ughhh I am so ready for this summer to be over! I hope it clears up and dries up just enough to be a little more comfortable there

@checkervest very good! Ive completed the heroes journey of hard partying and returned to discover my tits be poppin more than ever!

@checkervest Denver could use some more fog, it's too early to be this hot!

@checkervest I'm very tired! It's nice to see you! Hope you're hanging in there <3

@neoncoughh it's nice to see you too! 💜 I hope you can get some really good rest today!

@WoozleWuzzle I am not great but I am determined that things are going to get better! how are you, seen anything good recently?

@checkervest :blobheart: they will! Last night I watched Prey, which is so great! Have you seen it?

@WoozleWuzzle not yet!! I'm so excited to watch it though, I love Amber Midthunder

@checkervest honestly I feel very confident that you'll love it 😁

Hello, welcome to Tuesday, we are in another heat wave across the pond. Clear skies and sunshine. One of the words I found yesterday was "hypotyposis: A vivid, picturesque description of scenes or events." and I love it, even if I can't say it.

@checkervest Happy Tuesday indeed! Keeping busy as always, just had my brother's wheelchair van towed to my house so I can get it running again.

Gosh we missed you, hope your digital detox was good!

@GoatsLive good luck getting the van back on its feet as it were! I missed you too, how've you been doing?

@checkervest Just my normal routine of goats and farm and family 😄

@checkervest you're back!!! :blobcatyay:

i just recently woke up and i'm very tired. how are you?

@checkervest oh hey, happy to see you back :ablobcatbongo:

Things have been mixed — heat waves have come and gone, pressure at work that’s slowly relieving, bad brain™️ days and people showing a tremendous amount of empathy and support… you know.

How have you been? :blobcatflower:

@meqif I hope the weather cools down and work continues to calm down and that the mental health days start to feel easier 💜💜💜 I've also been having the bad brain 😅 I'm trying to get better about not self isolating when it gets like this, it's good to remember there's community and I don't necessarily have to be alone with it, you know?

@checkervest thanks!

I completely understand the temptation for self isolation. Alas, it seems like our brains want things that aren't actually good for us, eh? At least I do.

Feeling like you're not alone and there's a network of people who care absolutely makes a difference, no question about that. 💜

@checkervest you’re back! I hope you got some peace and quiet.

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