some little critter is singing in the walls

I had a frog and a toad and a skink that I'd caught living in a terarrium as a kid and whenever it was about to rain the frog would start singing. I caught one for my brother too and they'd sing to each other across the hallway

@derek @Thomas it's really cute whatever it is! little squeaky sounds from the wall

@checkervest @derek @Thomas oh wonderful your own little Siren singing a song to lure you to be buried within the wall with it. How adorable

@hex @checkervest oh yeah the classic story "the cask of amousetillado". love that one!!

@hex @derek @Thomas there is like maybe two inches of space in this wall, there is no way I can climb in there no matter how dulcet the siren's tones are!

@Thomas @derek @checkervest that’s how they getcha. You start digging into the wall thinking you’ll just visit a friend and then you fall into what feels like an expansive fantasy wonderland as the hallucinogenic asbestos fills your lungs and your pal squeaks a dirge for you

@checkervest I started watching Stranger Things yesterday and this feels now very uncomfortable.

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