Looks like Poem Bot might have found love again, good for it

I used to drive around a lot in the early evening and you could track the current mood of the album rock station dj at that time slot pretty well by what he chose to put on, he was really going through it for a while and it was so lovely when he started playing happy music and love songs again

sometimes he'd get a little sauced and go on long tangents, I don't listen much to the radio anymore but my brother listens to that station a lot and he'll call me when there's a good digression

@alex listening to stations that just put their music on shuffle just isn't the same as that personal touch, and sometimes that personal touch means you're listening to songs that make you want to lie on the floor for the next hour!

@checkervest notwithstanding all the bad that has become of terrestrial radio lately, i love the radio so much.

@derek it's so good. I love that station, one of the latest times I tuned in he was just playing all of Dark Side of the Moon because he started one song and got caught up in it and wanted to hear the rest

@derek @checkervest okay i was holding off on this story but i gotta say it now.

the best concert i ever went to wasn't some big show with a big name but back in college. a local band of musicians (thrown together just for that night) did a live cover of the entirety of Dark Side of the Moon at a bar. it was small, cramped, wet, dark, and AMAZING. the whole room was singing along. i think about that night a lot.

@hex @derek never hold off on stories, this one is so good! what an incredible experience

@checkervest @derek when Great Gig in the Sky came on, the singer of the band was doing OKAY with keeping up, and then out of the audience this woman just stole the mic, took over, and OWNED that song. it was magical.

@derek @hex I am wildly jealous right now, wow! what a perfect concert experience

@derek @checkervest they also opened with a few songs i can't remember, but the WACKIEST version of Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) by the Doors and it was a helluva way to start the evening

@derek @checkervest you are actually NOT too far from the mark on that.

@hex @checkervest that organ part can only be mutated into so many things lmao

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