Someone gave me this for free at an art fair, they said they could tell I was someone who would appreciate it

I don’t know if self-made stuff really counts here, but here are two very mildly cursed things I made in a college ceramics class

Someone gave me this mirror when I was seven and I was convinced they would crawl off the mirror at night and walk around

The portrait of my great-grandmother’s grandmother that I found in my grandma’s attic after she died. It hangs across from my bed


I had nightmares every night for over a year and found this while cleaning out the attic. I immediately claimed it and set it on the dresser across from my bed. That night when I slept I dreamt I woke up and she was sitting on the end of my bed facing out at the room, hands in her lap. She told me she was keeping watch and I wouldn’t have any nightmares with her there, and I didn’t for a long time! So she watches over me now

This St Francis belonged to my mom and sat out on her porch but apparently squirrels kept gnawing on the face and the bottom portion, she was going to throw it away but it lives with me now

this one made me recoil fyi, bugs, a little more than mildly cursed sorry 

Totally forgot I put a bunch of cicada shells in a cigar box for a project, totally recoiled when I opened it

The Old Boy, which I came across by accident on eBay while looking for mementos mori and couldn’t stop thinking about for months until I finally had to purchase him. Why the grin? Why sic transit Gloria mundi on the circus ball?! My brother is convinced he’s deeply cursed and is the proof that my role in a horror movie would be bringing some messed up little object home and unleashing doom but look at him, he makes me so happy

he's called The Old Boy because that's what's written in quotes on the underside of his foot, along with an almost unintelligible signature

A little bit unorthodox but here’s something I just acquired because I found it wedged up on top of some built in shelves at the new place! Totally not haunted, I’m keeping it

Also found this itty bitty jar labeled “pain” (my hands are covered in paint for completely unrelated reasons) (not keeping this one!!!)

My dad was briefly a lawyer and his coworkers gave me a lot of weird cool presents. Some guy decided I needed this at six years old and he was 100% correct

@Tattooed_mummy it has a really special energy to it and it never fails to baffle guests

@checkervest damn they really nailed that sweet spot between "shadowy intensity" and "goofy ass thing"

@infernusgoatus I really love it, it definitely straddles that line really well

@checkervest Is the first one a pineapple? Because I like how it subverts the traditional welcome 😆

@wordsmith the main note I got in ceramics class from my fellow students was that they were creeped out and didn’t want to be in the same room with it haha, but I love it! It’s whimsical!

@checkervest Sweet summer children, they had no idea what life had in store for them if they thought she was creepy.

@checkervest Wow! Also, I've seen so many frames with those fruits on through the years.


Well, that's not terrifying at all.


@checkervest I'm gonna have to take your word for it.

@checkervest I appreciate that they mostly left the squirrel alone

@robotcarsley takin a little break to water a squirrel and then it’s back to crime

this one made me recoil fyi, bugs, a little more than mildly cursed sorry 

@checkervest The feeling when you're Yuki and the other children

this one made me recoil fyi, bugs, a little more than mildly cursed sorry 

@erinbee I just opened a box exactly like this of weird little objects and it’s cursed enough that it’s not getting shared haha

re: this one made me recoil fyi, bugs, a little more than mildly cursed sorry 

@checkervest @erinbee this reminds me of my gf showing me her box full of human teeth that she keeps with her socks. just apropos of nothing.

re: this one made me recoil fyi, bugs, a little more than mildly cursed sorry 

@Mainebot @erinbee the feminine urge to keep weird little boxes of fucked up stuff

bugs, a little more than mildly cursed sorry 

@checkervest eeeeeeeee... reminds me of which i glued a bunch of cicada exoskeletons together to impress a girl (somehow did not repulse her)

bugs, a little more than mildly cursed sorry 

@casey I love that, excellent use of cicada shells

@checkervest that's the practice level gom jabbar box. you just stick one finger in to see if you can take it

@Blakely I love this, trial-sized gom jabbar. bene gesserit can have a little tiny pain to see if they're human, as a treat

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