Important question: do you say

if it depends on the context please share your process!

I was raised by one person who only said rabbit and one person who only said bunny, for me rabbits are the ones you see outside and bunnies are when they're babies or cartoons

@checkervest my process is very similar to yours, with the caveat that the kids call them "bunnies" no matter where they are. so if I see one outside and I want the kids to come see it I tell them there's a bunny, but the other day I saw a bunch of them outside at once and told my spouse we had a family of rabbits in the yard

@balrogboogie @checkervest exactly this! and same as @infernusgoatus, when I'm talking to a bun they are "bunny rabbit" lol


@MmeLibertine @balrogboogie @infernusgoatus I really love this! I think the only times I ever use "bunny rabbit" is if I'm exaggerating my accent

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