@checkervest that's a nice looking mug! i love it when there's a relief texture to touch. i'm about to go to sleep but if i remember tomorrow i might post the one i use in the morning :)

@crowlad the texture is very comforting when I hold it! I look forward to seeing your mug!

@checkervest That's pretty and looks so satisfying to hold!

Here's mine, thanks for the reminder to go get a drink

@checkervest Isn't it? I saw it and thought "If all my fingers fit in the handle, it's coming home with me."

@checkervest sometimes I drink herbal tea out of the mug, but the caffeinated kitties don’t seem to mind

@checkervest mine is the most boring silver travel mug, I won't profane the thread with it 😆

@balrogboogie yesss I love it, it also seems really easy to drink out of unlike a lot of licensed character mugs

@balrogboogie @checkervest This is cracking me up, because of all of those "Baby Yoda drinking soup" memes

@douglasfur oh hell yes, love the mug + teapot combo. Is the mug from your caves?

@checkervest the mug is from a cave in southeastern Missouri, near St Louis

they have hundreds of billboards and they are absolutely a tourist trap

I stopped there on my recent cross-country drive just to pick up a souvenir to remind me of the midwest

@checkervest wait i was just talking about meramec with you duh

aaa im dumb

@checkervest real talk, I wish they had a mug with their basic logo on it, instead of this overprinted photo mug

this logo would be killer on a mug

@douglasfur I have gone to Rock City several times and each time it’s a revelation haha

cartoon monster eye contact 

@brennen I love the expression on the critter’s face! And that color is perfect

cartoon monster eye contact 

@checkervest i'm a sucker for a good happy yellow

@checkervest That was my band's album cover that I designed. One of my kids had it put on a coffee mug for me.

@checkervest I finished this before dinner but it's the depressed egg, Gudetama

@Louisa @checkervest The little "can't" and shaking his butt to get back in the shell :awwwblob:

@erinbee @checkervest as soon as he was introduced I loved him! I don't know if he has any media besides mugs and stickers and stuff, but I love it

@Louisa @erinbee @checkervest gudetama has a gatcha game that is shockingly entertaining. I think I played it for MONTHS

@Louisa I love this, this cup is a whole mood. and I love the shape of it!

@Louisa that's the most important quality a mug can have tbh, I have some cute ones I never use because they hold like five sips of tea

@Louisa this might be the best mug I've ever seen, where did you get it? 👀

@jendrawscomics Barnes & Noble! This was about 5 years ago though, I don't know if they have the same ones

@checkervest I just received this cup from an amazing local potter. The colors and texture contrast make my ADD heart go pitter pat.

@checkervest no tea for me at this hour in the morning, so here’s today’s coffee mug!

@checkervest this one is stoneware, glazed to look like a blue tick kettle. I got it at the Angry Orchard shop at their experimental orchards, which used to be the cidery until they outgrew it.

@checkervest For those times when thirst must be thoroughly doused, not simply quenched 🤭

EC, selfie 

@checkervest this pic was taken 3 years ago but it is my favorite mug shot.

EC, selfie 

@Ves_the_undying I love this! what a great action shot, and what a great mug

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