I am going to personally fistfight AT&T

鈥淗ey so haha funny story you know that payment info, the one鈥-yeah, the one you鈥檝e given us three times? Haha yeah so we lost it again lmao, we鈥檙e just going to send you another funny little angry text about it haha nbd, just a little鈥攁 little joke between friends, anyway can you send it again? We鈥檒l keep it this time we promise鈥

@checkervest why don鈥檛 you fight the ftc chair as well along with Verizon & T Mobile & Sprint & everyone else including Ryan Reynolds #RichWhite 馃槇

@RichWhite I mean it would absolutely go badly for me but I鈥檓 small and weak and he鈥檇 look like a real jerk doing it so I鈥檇 still win

@checkervest I've had a personal vendetta against AT&T since 2003 so I'm in your corner

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